Bienvenido is an official 501(c)3 nonpartisan organization dedicated to the enhancement of the Hispanic community.
Our mission is to raise and advance the Hispanic voice in today’s society by recruiting and educating young Hispanics to become leaders that uphold traditional and conservative values.

Bienvenido highlights the need for civic participation from Hispanics who enrich our society, uphold constitutional values, and provide peer support back to those in their community.


Our video campaigns place the spotlight on the testimonies of those that have spearheaded a change in their community, overcame obstacles to obtain the American dream, and have emphasized what upholding traditional values look like in their career.

One way we promote civic engagement is by equipping the individual with one of the most important ways to be a catalyst for change, and that is by registering them to vote.

Our nationally recognized Bienvenido events serve as a way to visibly see the Hispanic culture in action. Through our multiple sold-out events, we have successfully brought our community together and celebrated the accomplishments we have seen, and have had an open conversation on how we overcome the issues we face today. Our events bring distinguished speakers that give our members person-to-person mentorship with strong decision-makers and trailblazers of our community.

Founder Abraham Enriquez

Abraham Enriquez is a conservative political activist and commentator. After serving as the National Young Adult Outreach Director for the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, he founded Bienvenido, a nonprofit organization focused on Hispanic outreach in the areas of faith, education, and civic involvement. Establishing himself as one of the leading voices in the conservative Hispanic movement, Abraham specializes in Hispanic engagement and influence.

Abraham has been published in several media publications and has been invited to be a commentator on several news media. Since the inception of Bienvenido US in 2019, Abraham has worked to make Bienvenido the fastest growing and most active organization in conservative Hispanic outreach.

Abraham graduated in 2018 from Abilene Christian University with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with double minors in Business and Spanish and a concentration in Pre-Law. Abraham visits Mexico annually where he helps with church ministry.